July Client Bulletin

In July’s newsletter, learn why you should partner with a tax expert, find out why retiring early is catching on FIRE, tips to avoid the summertime tax blues, and ideas to keep your summer energy costs as low as possible.

November Client Bulletin

November’s newsletter outlines Social Security’s cost-of-living adjustment for 2024 and reveals ways to reduce your 2023 tax bill.

October Client Bulletin

October’s newsletter brings insights from tax court cases, advice for when letters from the IRS arrive, tips to protect yourself online and more.

Traditional, Roth, or Secret Option Number Three?

There are a few standard ways to save for retirement, such as Traditional and Roth IRAs, but you should also be considering secret option number three. Make deductible contributions, get tax-free growth, and take tax-free distributions, all with no age requirement to take out the funds.

December Client Bulletin

In December’s newsletter, read about recent tax court cases that have great tax messages, five great money tips, and more.

November Client Bulletin

2020 is coming quick — are you prepared? Take stock now and learn about the year-end moves that’ll help you save. Plus, consider how the 2020 Social Security changes will affect your plans.

July Client Bulletin

Our July newsletter covers effective tax planning, summer road trip tips, IRS audits, setting salaries and basic customer retention.

Depreciation and Changes in Use of Real Property

Taxpayers that own rental property with gross receipts from residential or nonresidential uses should be familiar with the rules on accounting for depreciation. Let’s see some rules about buildings or structures qualifying as residential or nonresidential property, and application of the change-in-use regulations if a rental property changes from residential use to nonresidential use or vice versa.