At WFFA, our employees are a critical part of the firm’s long-term investment. Our goal is to create and nurture an environment where employees can continue to grow and further their career.

We are a relationship-based firm, placing a strong emphasis on client service and relationship-building. Employees at all levels are expected to be problem solvers, creative thinkers and engaging advisors to their clients.

As a small firm, we have created a workplace with a “small-business” feel. A strong non-corporate culture creates a friendly air of flexibility, allowing employees to buck the typical chain of command. All levels of employees and staff regularly work in one-on-one situations with Partners.  Each employee is constantly encouraged to take on additional responsibilities, both as part of their own personal development and also to help the firm grow.

It is important to the firm that employees are not forced to sacrifice their personal lives for professional growth. Employees can expect a busy-season that is significantly milder than that of a typical Big-4 employee.

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