Tax Controversy and Forensic Services

In those instances where clients find themselves in the crosshairs of the IRS or a State/City taxing authority, we are available to assist in the representation especially in cases where there may be criminal or civil exposure. In many of these cases, we work with client’s attorney or assist them in finding tax counsel to protect the attorney client privilege.

Our firm is prepared to assist clients who may need assistance with unfiled returns or filed returns containing errors which need to be corrected. The goals are always to minimize penalties and to reach the government agencies prior to their becoming aware of the errors and/or omissions.

In dealing with partnership or marital separations, allegations of embezzlement or other frauds, the quantifying of the loss amount is almost always in dispute. We are available to do the underlying forensic analysis and subsequent report writing (if needed) to support the loss for insurance or litigation and hopefully for recovery. Additionally, our firm has members that have been qualified by State of NY Unified Court System to serve as Court Appointed Forensic Accountants Pursuant to NYS Part 36.

Our team includes a CFE (certified fraud examiner) who has experience in testifying as well as in negotiating settlements. Our best successes are those in which our work product leads to a quick and cost effective settlement and avoids litigation.

Our tax department has members who have appeared at Tax Appeals in instances where the result of an assessment or tax examination is unagreed. In those cases where there are disputes that could lead to fraud, our constant goal is to “keep it civil” and always avoid the allegation of criminal fraud.

In cases where privilege is an issue and the elements of fraud are in the background, we always recommend working through counsel in a Kovel capacity. We have worked with most of the criminal tax attorneys in the New York metropolitan area and we’re in a position to recommend counsel if needed.

Courts, regulators and government agencies often appoint independent integrity or compliance monitors to oversee the remediation of criminal, regulatory and compliance deficiencies at organizations that have been investigated or prosecuted. Our firm has team members who have previously qualified and been approved for these engagements and we are prepared to work with counsel in obtaining this resolution which is often viewed as a win/win by both prosecutors and defendants.