Tax Preparer Phishing Scam Extends to Phone Calls

The IRS has alerted tax preparers that, in addition to a phishing scam involving an email asking preparers to update their e-services information (TAXDAY, 2015/11/25, I.3 ), some preparers are also receiving scam phone calls attempting to capture usernames and … Continued

Does Marriage Complicate Your Tax Return?

In spite of legislative changes and political hype, the “marriage penalty” that has existed in the tax laws is far from gone. A “marriage penalty” still exists in several areas of the tax law. Recent tax legislation made the standard … Continued

Choosing the Right Type of Business

CHOOSING THE RIGHT TYPE OF BUSINESS ENTITY IS AN IMPORTANT DECISION If you are forming a small business, you face several choices: Sole Proprietorship, Partnership, C-corporation, S-corporation, Limited Liability Partnership and Limited Liability Company. Here are the basics. When you … Continued