PPP Update – Focusing on Forgiveness

Now that the deadline to submit PPP loan applications is behind us, it’s time to focus on having these loans forgiven. The SBA and Treasury recently released an FAQ covering PPP forgiveness, so we want to quickly recap what we learned and talk about how it affects you and your PPP.

October Client Bulletin

Learn about Form 1040 updates, the new Marketplace Facilitator sales tax laws for anyone that sells through Amazon or eBay and more.

June Client Bulletin

Our June newsletter goes over summer tax saving tips, how to use online reviews for your business, ways to save money at a wedding and much more.

December 2018 Client Bulletin

Our Dec 2018 bulletin looks at the affect of the new SALT deduction limits on home sales, the importance of powers of attorney, and how small businesses should handle year-end bonuses.

It Is Never Too Late to Update Your Withholdings

Did you do your “paycheck checkup”? Are you having the correct amount of tax withheld after changes enacted by the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act? This calculator can help you make sure your withholding still works under the new tax code.

Can My Business Pay My Children a Bonus?

If your children work at your business, they’re entitled to be paid and the business is entitled to a deduction just like you would for anyone else, but what if you try to pay them a bonus?