Navigating Your 2020 Tax Plan

As we near the end of 2020, it is time to start thinking about what tax planning strategies should be put in place before year-end to minimize your tax burden. This has been a tough year for everyone, and the government has put forth myriad plans, programs, and options for helping to mitigate the economic pain of 2020. However, it is up to you (with our help) to navigate these various initiatives and to make sure they are being put to work for you. Our 2020 tax planner is here to help!

Tax Planning is a Big Topic, Where Do I Start?

That is absolutely true, and one method that we’ve found works well is for you to browse through our 2020 tax planning guide (it’s okay if you don’t understand everything you’re reading at first!), jot down a few notes about any topics that catch your eye, and get on the phone with us to discuss. Our conversation will give us an opportunity to review your tax plan to ensure your current strategies are still the best course of action, as well as to supplement these strategies to take advantage of new programs and opportunities.

In the meantime, don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions, and keep an eye on our blog and social media pages for articles, information, and insight that may be relevant to you!


Access the 2020 Tax Planning Guide Here